Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Meet my friend, the Unicorn

No, I've not stepped into a mystical realm.  I really did meet Mr Unicorn.  At the Ashover May Carnival in Derbyshire.  Here he is:

This has to be THE most hideous picture of yours truly I've seen in a very long time. Never mind, we're all friends here aren't we! 
Ooh I do like a good May Day event.  Mr Unicorn and his fellow Morris dancers:

Garland Girls from Chesterfield and their lovely embroidered aprons:

Shame that the bric-a-brac stalls weren't up too much. Mind you, Little Miss J and P struck lucky on the tombola. Look what she came away with:

Well, it has to be better than the tin of sliced carrots which was the last tombola prize I won!  Little Miss was very disgruntled, though, as you can imagine.  The slippers fit neither me nor Mr J and P so they'll be going in a charity shop bag and I'm sure they'll make someone very happy.

We had a fabulous time in Derbyshire.  We went for a walk in Dovedale which is very lovely but was very busy.  Look at the amount of people wanting to go across the stepping stones:

There was even some art we could admire as we strolled along:

Mr and Little Miss J and P sitting on a tree trunk across a river.  This made me very nervous I can tell you.

There was even some climbing to be had.  Not by me, though, I like to be on terra firma, myself (preferably on a pavement, and ideally just about to enter a charity shop - that's my kind of terra firma!).

Little Miss on the top of Robin Hood's Stride

Grafitti from 1885 on Robin Hood's Stride

There wasn't a great deal of bargain finding while we were away (bargain hunting, oh yes, but no finding).  We went to a massive car boot sale near Matlock but I didn't get a sausage.  Very disappointing.  However, the previous week, we were in Cumbria, visiting Grandpappy J and P and I did manage to bag two pairs of 70s curtains at £1.99 a pair from a charity shop.

Feel free to salivate over these:



My favourite colour combo


Magnifique n'est pas?  Better than a silly old pair of memory foam slippers doncha think?

On a final note, I went to a whole THREE jumble sales last weekend.  Here is just a little teasing picture of my haul (posing with my previous buys namely the basket and Fortnum & Mason hamper). 


See you next time, dear readers when I shall reveal all in delicious detail.   TTFN.  xx


  1. Hey sweet pea,

    I'm sorry about Little Miss J and Ps tombola win....but I've had a thought. Why don't you pass them on to a charity shop ONE AT A TIME, so that they can sell them off one at a time, like those sandals you saw, remember?!!!


  2. ooo! ooo! Where to begin! The fabric is gorgeous and quite frankly I am very jealous!
    I am in awe of your jumble finds too!

    Those rocks, they really are amazing. The last picture is breathtaking, never seen anything like that before - even with the fab graffitti!

    Hey! Your photo is great!

  3. Robin Hood's Stride looks wicked! Great photos. Fabulous curtains, and am all agog for your jumble porn - how can you tease us like this!

  4. Sorry, last comment sounded tres dodgy - you know what I mean!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your jumbley treasures in more detail I spy tea towels in the bottom corner?
    I love the curtains...colours are gorgeous.
    Can't believe all of those people waiting for their turn to cross the river.

    even a super model would come off second best standing next to Mr Unicorn!

  6. Ha! I don't think I'd be impressed with the slippers as a kid, but a win is a win! Not sure I'd be going out out that tree, as knowing my uncoordinated self I'd end up in the water. Great photos and memories. Yes even you with Mr Unicorn! You've been very busy living life. Great to see!

  7. Got to love morris dancers - every town should have some. Great curtains and a bargain! Cant wait to have a tour through the jumble goodies, so got to find me a jumble sale again, like hens teeth here. Mwah Scarlett x

  8. Lovely post Loo! Great haul there! xx

  9. Looks like a fab time in Derbyshire :) love your buys from the charity shops, I so want a F & M basket !!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. Oh my goodness, I would of been terrified watching them on the branch over the river. It seems like it was quite a busy place to visit, with that many people around I'm surprised no body feel in xx

  11. What a beautiful, adventurous, shoppingtastic time you had!
    Love Mr. Unicorn and those amazing rocks.

  12. I would have been having kittens if mine were on that tree trunk!
    Liking the look of your jumble sale haul.
    I bet those slippers will make someone very happy when they find them , just not Miss J&P!
    Lisa x

  13. I spy some Welsh Tweed! How exciting, I can't wait for more to be revealed.
    Those slippers are hilarious. Your poor daughter. xxx

  14. Lol - my Dad has always had a secret desire to be a morris dancer! - love the F&M hamper - I once bought a jar of mustard from them - the jar was embossed with the logo, so I still have it!


  15. Eeeeee, Loo, you are funny.
    I'm loving those curtains. I've been struggling to find anything good for a while now.
    How do you find out about jumble sales? I never see any around here. I think I must live in the wrong place, I haven't seen a jumble sale since I was a kid.

  16. i'm over salivating here looking at those adorable curtain fabrics you got! it looks like you guys have fun! love the aprons on the garland girls! i have to say i hate height too and i second you on your kind of terra firma, love all the photos, so funny and super fun!!! x Susan

  17. I knew that unicorns were real!!

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time.


  18. Ohhh mucho salivation over the curtains and sneak peek of your haul! Dovedale looks lovely, been meaning to go for ages but never made it yet. And... a tin of carrots in a tombola? Really?! xx

  19. I've always wanted to visit derbyshire, and your post just makes me wnat to visit even more! You look like you all had a fantastic time :o)

    I hate heights too, so you wouldn't have got me up there either :o)

    Those curtains certainly look scrummy, and I can't wait to get a closer look at those lovely finds :o)

  20. I'm sooo jealous, I've wanted to see a unicorn since I was a little

    Love your finds, the curtains are gorgeous :)

  21. OOoh, look at those busy stepping stones!! I lived in Nottingham until I was 15 when we moved to Hampshire so used to visit the Peak District often - lovely to see a photo of such a familiar sight....

    S x

  22. Hello my dear! Hey don't knock the memory foam slippers! They are really COMFY! Did I just say comfy???? Eeeek! xxxxx

  23. Oh man, check out the curtains!! I can't even explain how much I love the print on the second pair.

    Haha, I love Sarah's comment about the slippers.

  24. Wow fab photo's those rocks look amazing. And those fabrics you lucky lady just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what you got at the jumble sale. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  25. Loving the 70s fabric and thats a great idea of a framed information board - its a bit surreal! But I can't wait to read about those jumble sale goodies that you're flauntin'!

  26. love those first curtains! what a shame those amazing slippers didn't fit :D

  27. Looks like you had a fab day out! It made me feel nervous just looking at the picture of them sitting on the log over the river.

    Oooh looks like you bagged some great bargains :)) x

  28. THREE jumble sales - you lucky, lucky thing. Love the 1970s curtains too.

  29. Mr Unicorn gives me the giggles!!
    LOVE those fabrics!

  30. Mr Unicorn and Morris dancing brilliant! Looks like a great haul, look forward to the details! xx

  31. oh you're such a tease cant wait for a closer look! fliss xxx

  32. that looks like fun! that fabric is GORGEOUS! =)

  33. Unicorn man is funny and Morris dance, sounds fun.
    I'm in love with those curtain.