Saturday, 25 September 2010

Here's some I made earlier....

As this blog is supposedly about a "mishmash of crafting" (see header), I thought I'd show you some stuff that I made earlier this year just before I started blogging.

No sniggering at the back if you please.

My knitting exploits began with two coffee pot cosies. The one on the left is entitled "Double pom pom delight" and the other one is "A posie of pompoms". Yes, I gave them names... does anyone else do that?

A toilet roll cosy complete with pompom:

I would have liked to have made one of those poodle toilet roll cosies (yes, really) but I don't think my knitting skills quite stretch to one of those. Take a look at these three little beauties which I found on the internet. Stunning (if a little odd) aren't they?

And good grief, get a load of these, a veritable feast of knitted toilet roll cosies (they're nothing to do with me, I hasten to add, all from the internet):

Anyway, I've gone off on a little tangent. Here's another knitted fancy from moi: a not to be sneezed at tissue box cosy also complete with pompoms (Mr J and P made me say that - sorry):

I tried my hand at felting - you know bunging woollen clothes in a washing machine on high and bob's yer uncle - boiled wool or felt. Here is a felt wreath that I made:

There are lots of tutorials on how to make these wreaths on the internet. I cut small squares and threaded them on a wire coat hanger which I fashioned into a circle and voila!

I also made cushion covers from felted jumpers - one from an old moth-eaten aran jumper of mine and a beige ribbed affair. The two large cushion covers were made from vintage silk scarves and the little one at the front - the flocked pink ensemble - was made from a small piece of material that I got for pennies at a jumble sale. I know what you're thinking - that there really aren't enough cushions on that sofa. You're right, I need to make lots more.

More of that flocked pink material which I used to cover the lid of a sewing stool, one of Mr J and P's family heirlooms:

Have you nodded off? We're nearly done.

I made this snake draught excluder from a pair of old curtains that I picked up from a jumble:

From the same material this is a pear door stop, filled with a bag of rice and topped with a felted stalk and leaf!

Phew.... that's it, you'll be relieved to hear. Blimey, I was quite the busy little bee once.


  1. Hooray! Another post from you. I've been looking forward to it. :-)

    You must be pretty good at knitting to be doing all of that stuff. I'm really impressed because I'm RUBBISH at knitting!

    I made a similar cusion to your arran one (complete with tutorial,though you obviously don't need it!!)using a woollen cardigan. I used te front of the cardy as the opening in the cusion. It all worked out extremely pleasingly, even if I do say so myself!!

    Can agirl ever have too many cusions? I think not!

  2. I found one of those vintage loo roll poodles in a charity shop - they remind me of my childhood! My daughter has it and I so love it! lol!

    I love the felted wreath, it is lovely as are the cushions!

  3. I love the wreath and the coffee pot cosies, anything with a pom pom is usually liked by me.
    The poodle toilet roll covers are fab!

  4. Those toilet roll holders took me back, my nana had one of those poodle ones and my elderly aunt still has a crinoline lady one with a knitted skirt over the roll and a plastic doll peeping out of the top :-D. I love the felted wreath - another for the to try list! xxx

  5. You were certainly busy! My daughter would moan about your cushions as she does mine..says I have far too many on the settee!! No idea what she means. Love that door stop, but the poodle toilet roll holders remind me too much of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet of course), they are so kitsch you would make a bomb if you made them to sell now!

  6. I love all your crafty projects, your knitting is lovely :) xxxx

  7. Loving the poodles! Really want to learn to make one now - my boyfriend will kill me! :D

  8. Wow you have been busy! Love the felted wreath you made.x

  9. The toilet roll holders are glorious. My grandma went in for the spanish lady theme though, none of the fun knitted stuff (although she was a tremendous knitter).

    The jumper cushions are wonderful! I am very partial to a ribbed knit so I just want to own hundreds of those and sit round patting them all day.

  10. Lovely post! You have been busy and made wonderful things! Thank you for a nice idea of felted wreath! I shall try something...
    Wonderful pompoms and cushions - which here is never enough!
    Best wishes Teje

  11. I love the idea of the felted wreath...and those pom pom toilet roll holders. Well! Back to your earlier post, I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER either regarding the state of op-shops. I thought it was just 'stralia, but obviously there is a problem all around the world. ...Trying to go upmarket, getting new cheap and nasty crap. RRRRR!

  12. Goodness! you have been a busy girl! I love the coffee cosises and, Yes some more cushions would look fantastic I reckon. Youve reminded me to make some door stop thingys too!

    PS. I think you should make a poodle toilet roll holder - they are very cute!

  13. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself - so very very pleased to meet you! You have a great blog. I think you are going to love my last music post (in about 5 days time ). xxxx

  14. Thanks for popping by and leaving me a comment. Jumbles are the best aren't they?!
    Love all your makes, especially the wreath. Wonderful what you can pick up for pennies when you keep an eye out.
    Lisa x

  15. Love your lovely knitted cosies and no it isn't wrong to name them. I name everything...sometimes I ponder names for hours.... thanks for popping round to mine. x

  16. I absolutely adore the wreath, and I love your knitted tea cosies, how I wish I could knit like that. I nursed an elderly lady many years ago that made knitted tea cosies like yours but in two colours, using both colours at the same time while she was knitting, they were lovely. I have recently seen a poodle toilet roll holder on another Blog and it did make me laugh as I remember my Great Nan having one in her loo!! Very kitsch!!
    Jo xx

  17. I remember my first boyfriend's mother having a doll toilet roll holder and I thought at the time 'how naff!' But in my 'old' age I'm rather warming to them.
    LOVE your felt wreath..a green,red and white one would be great for Xmas! :o)

  18. I love the fact you give your makes names, I've never thought of that but will give it a try. I've thought about trying my hand at felting but don't know where to start, is there such a thing as a starter kit?

    I tried to teach my daughter crochet (she's nearly 13), it was a very painful experience but she did start knitting via videos on youtube! Which is much better than spending hours on facebook as she normally does.

    You have a great blog :) x

  19. So pleased you had good holiday!
    You've certainly been busy lately. Lovin all the makes. The flocked cushion and upholstering are so pretty. The toilet roll cover is a wonderful piece of chintz. x