Sunday, 12 September 2010

Jumble Jamboree

Well, I hit the jackpot at Saturday's jumble sale. Want to see what I got? Come on then......

Enamel roasting dishes complete with lids. Love the orange but also loving the cream one with its gorgeous green trimming. 30p each.

More enamel and some JAJ Pyrex. Very excited about the Pyrex - my FIRST EVER Pyrex buy (I know, I'm very late on the Pyrex scene). JAJ stands for James A Jobling of Sunderland who started to make Pyrex under licence in the UK in the 20s (it was first marketed in the US in 1915). Older Pyrex is often referred to as JAJ Pyrex by those in the know. These bowls are the "Chelsea" design from the 60s. I'm sure you Pyrex fans are familiar with the website Pyrex Love but if you fancy drooling over more Pyrex specimens then check out The Pyrex Collective
blog with lovely Erin from Yardsale Snoop and Angela the fabulous Bounty Huntress as just two of the many contributors. Anyway, this little lot was 30p.

A Meakin coffee pot (not the prettiest) and a Hornsea coffee jar for 30p each. I know I've said this before, but I must show you my collection of jars one day soon - they're taking over the kitchen.

A box complete with handle and handy compartments. Not a clue what it might have been used for (anyone - any ideas?). I thought it would be perfect for Little Miss J and P's many knick knacks but she refuses to have anything to do with it prefering some IKEA box thing which she expects me to construct grrrr. Does she not appreciate the lovely patina of the wood, its warm tones, the work that some artisan of yesteryear has put into this piece? No chance. £1 it cost me.

A mystery grinding (?) object. Anyone know what it might be used for? 30p.

Mr J and P was very pleased with his glassware. A decanter for £1. Feels like good quality glass (what do I know?). Mr J and P agreed that it should go in the bathroom filled with bubble bath. Classy eh?

A set of six desert dishes with flowers etched on them (they really are much prettier than the photo). £1.

Two large Kilner jars (more bleeding jars). 50p.

Star buy is this never used fireproof china saucepan. The make is Pilivite and it's French no less. Get a load of those lovely colours. 50p.

That's all folks. May your bargain hunting be as fruitful as mine was. Au revoir.


  1. OOOOOOOH! You did well! Where was this Jumble Sale.....?
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. What amazing finds! Do reveal if you find out what the grindy thing is. It looks awfully familiar but I can't quite place what it is.

  3. wow, you have done well! I love everything especially the last item, the saucepan..... so prettyyyyy!

  4. I think we like the same things. Just as well we don't live closer together, there'd be a rumble at the jumble. xxx

  5. Your grinding thingy could be for mushing up baby food. When my son who is 32 was a baby we would put some of our meal in a grinder just like that one and make is mushy for his little tummy. Mothercare made a good one and my aunty had a metal contraction she fitted to the table to do just that. So perhaps that is what it is? but then again I could be wrong!!!

  6. Love your finds! Wonderful and I do love the Pyrex design you found!!

  7. An ice crusher perhaps? Actually I wouldnt have a clue but great lot of finds there!

  8. Hi Loo, What lovely finds. I love the roasting dishes. It's impossible to resist these finds at jumble sales isn't it? Jane xx

  9. You've done well there with your haul and at bargain prices too! My favourites are the roasting tins and the china saucepan - very retro.

  10. My goodness! What a fantastic haul. I was drooling over the enamel, the Pyrex and the Meakin and then I scrolled down and oh my, the saucepan, it's fabulous!!!!!
    So many great bargains, I'm extremely jealous.

  11. Grrrrrrrrrr pyrex envy. A new experience.
    Cissie x

  12. Fantastic finds, you just can't beat a good jumble sale. can you :) Linda

  13. wow what fantastic items you got I cant believe they were all from a jumble sale I wounder if they were all donated by the same person .
    lucky you !

  14. Great finds, well done such a lot of treasure

  15. How wonderful things you have found! Congratuations! Your mystic thing is for ice cubes - have a nice evening with cool drink!
    Best wishes from Crete Teje

  16. I have just found your blog and I love it!!
    What great finds!! I adore the saucepan the colours are so lovely, I am never that lucky to find such fab things,
    Looking forward to seeing more of your lucky finds in the future!!
    Andrea x

  17. What a fantastic haul! I couldn't stop saying Wow! at each picture! I really like the roasting pans. Please show your collection of jars soon, I look forward to it!