Friday, 6 September 2013

What we did last summer

Blimey, it's been so long since I last posted anything, I literally could not remember how to create a new post in Blogger. How mad is that!

So, we went on holiday to Holland for a week, came back for a few days then onto Portugal for a week, came back and then onto the Lake District for another week.  I'm not complaining but all that packing and unpacking was a little, how can I put it, boring.  The holidays were great though.

Before we went on holiday we ate Ramadam bread:

Yes, that's two loaves of delicious Turkish Ramadam bread

In Holland:  we snickered foolishly at "bastard" sugar:

Drooled over these beach cabins:

Marvelled at this shop which sold only sheep pillows:

Snuggled with an actual real live sheep:

Put on too much sun cream *raises eyes to heaven*:

In Portugal, we admired its many cute pastry shops:

Errrr.  Not so cute.  Yes, they really are meringue penises and boobies.  Gawd help us....


Took, what I thought were, arty schm-arty photos:

In the Lake District, some of our party climbed Scafell Pike - the highest mountain in England:

Grandpappy and Little Miss at the top

Grandpappy looking rather fetching in his knotted hanky.
Good old Grandpappy:  he's a mere 86 you know!  And need you ask where I was?  Charity shopping.  Of course I was!

Cumberland wrestling was the best ever this year with contingents from Brittany, Scotland and Iceland:

Kilt action

We found ourselves driving behind the Boogie Bus:

Blimey.  Perhaps we could get our car kitted out this way.....


  1. Pole: check.
    Cages: check.
    Loo: check (as in dunnie, not you Loo!)
    Well done to the Boogie Bus people - they've covered all bases!

    No holiday pics of you dear Loo?
    (or were you one of the windsurfers?)


  2. In-car karaoke is easy, you just sing along to the radio. Pole dancing while driving.. now that's a little more challenging.
    Your holidays sound, and look excellent. Busy busy time, Loo! All destinations were great but I do like the look of the artsy schmartsy Portugal pics. And no, not just because I fancy a penis-shaped meringue, thank you.
    Well done to the very fit and hardy Grandpappy, hiking up Scafell Pike like a youngster. Hope you found some charity shop treasure to make up for missing the mountain climbing action! xxxx

  3. Lovely pics. But where are the pics of you? I so wanted to see how accurate that drawing of you is! xx

  4. I want a sheep pillow...looks like you had a great summer...don't leave it so long next time and...yes, show us your boat race! EE xx

  5. Well, looks like the Jumbles & Pompoms family fitted a heck of a lot in! Hats off to Grandpappy too for showing the youngsters how its done - nice one! xx

  6. I neeeed the Boogie Bus.

    Well done Grandpappy.

  7. Welcome back home.
    Love from Mum

  8. You look to of had a wonderful time holidaying. A holiday isn't a holiday without some weird moments those penis and boob meringues are hiliarous. I bet the sell a treat though.

  9. Three holidays Loo...lucky ol'you! Looks like great times were had. I love your arty schmarty pics and the cake shops look divine although I reckon I'd have trouble deepthroating one of those meringue penises! Go Grandpappy! Reckon he could give many a youngster a run for their money.
    Hope to see you and your chazza finds soonest.

  10. So much in this post to make me laugh.
    I don't think I'd be rushing into that shop for any of the meringues!
    Love the boogie bus though and I hope you bought a bag of that sugar.
    I want one of those beach cabins they are beautiful.
    Lisa x

  11. How lovely (meringues being the exception.....) - I climbed Sca Fell Pike when I was 17 (at the height of moodiness and resentment at that age) and vowed I would never do it again. I might eat might words having seen your grandfather!
    Glad that you have a lovely time with various capers
    Best wishes

  12. Sounds like a lovely, busy old summer and fab pics Loo. Those beach huts are just gorgeous, did you get a peek inside any of them?
    So impressed with your Grandpappy's climb too. Just brilliant.
    Great to catch up! x

  13. Gosh you've packed in loads.....looks like you've had fun! :) x

    1. With so much excitement and fun places no wonder you forgot how to post!
      I'm all into your arty schm-arty photos!!!
      Nice having you back!

  14. Gosh, that is a busy Summer..looks great fun. Thank you for sharing..loving that Boogie bus! Lizzie

  15. What a gorgeous summer! I have taken the train through the Lake District (travelling between London and Glasgow) a thousand times and have always meant to visit properly - one day!

  16. Wow, that's some Summer :) looks like you had a great time!
    Bee happy x

  17. Wow! I wondered where you'd come - the answer being everywhere! Love the bastard sugar and the penis meringues and that Ramadam bread (wonder if I could get my mates down the curry house to knock one up with our next take away!) xxx

  18. Wow, that's a lot of holidaying. Bet you need a holiday to get over that! :) That Ramadan bread is pretty special. They look like quilted cushions! xx