Friday, 13 September 2013

Only I could get excited about a kitchen sink

When we visited our friends in Holland in the summer, I told Little Miss J and P beforehand that the kitchen sink in our friend, Marianne's, house was simply the bees knees.

Little Miss looked at me as I was some sort of fool and said "Seriously, mum, no-one cares."

Little does she realise that my readers do care about such things.  Don't you?  (Don't let me down now will you?).

But before I show you a pic of said kitchen sink (I really know how to ramp up the excitement don't I?), I had a good old snoop round Marianne's house and took a few pics.  Just for you, dear readers.

Cute stag head in pink downstairs loo:

Cute lock on toilet door:

Cute little shrine thang going on - still in the downstairs loo:

I've always lusted after these Jielde floor lamps.  Sadly, they're really expensive and I am, as you know, a complete skinflint.

A foolish person posing next to the floor lamp and getting in the way:

I should have taken a photo of this Agfa (what the hell is it??) light box thingy when it was lit up:

Another pretty floor lamp:

I love these handy storage canisters in the kitchen:

Nika is their daughter:

Near vertical stairs are common in Holland.  They stem from the 17th century when canal houses were taxed on their width:

I adore this vintage wallpaper which they bought from a well known vintage wallpaper shop in Ghent, Belgium:

The wallpaper shop in Ghent which I visited a number of years ago.  It really is stuffed to the gunnels with rolls of to die for wallpaper:

And now, for the kitchen sink:

Sadly, not the best of photos but it's pretty fabulous is it not?  A blue and white tiled kitchen sink:  what's not to adore?

Who'd have thought that I'd be lusting after a kitchen sink for Gawd's sake?  Aaah, the thrills and spills of my little world.....

Actually what was genuinely thrilling was winning the Vanilla Squirrel's giveaway in the summer:

This is an adorable squirrel pin cushion (Cath Kidston if you please) which is currently on display in our front room as it's far too lovely to be put away in our sewing box.
How lucky am I?

Byeeeeee  xx


  1. Oh you are indeed a lucky lady, crazy, but lucky!

    That kitchen sink is amazing, would certainly make washing up more interesting, and loving those storage canisters in the kitchen!

  2. I hear those withering statements all too often from my soon-to-be-fourteen niece, although I did go up in her estimation when recently I bought her a 'cool' chazza denim waistcoat. Marianne's house is so interesting. Love the blue stairs, vintage wallpaper, kitchen cannisters and fabularse sink. x

  3. I wasn't sure, for a moment there, if i could get excited about it, but it is a lovely sink!:)

  4. Oh my gawd that sink is to die for loverly..

    you can get those storage cannisters from ikea!
    .... and agfa is a film company like kodak!

    V squirrel does lovely giveaways....luck you loo
    bestest daisy x

  5. I want a sink like that!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. Love everything! the stairs and the sink look fab :)

    Bee happy x

  7. There's nothing weird about getting excited about a sink, I'm positively salivating over that one - it would match our kitchen floor perfectly.
    Your friends' house is full of wonderful and quirky things, I love it all.
    Can you spend hours poring over the architectural antiques section on eBay? I can! xxx

  8. I shall put your daughter's comment down to youth. Experience will teach her that there are few pleasures as exquisitely unobtainable as lusting after a unique kitchen sink.

  9. I WANT TO LIVE THERE! That is truly a marvellous sink but I really like those storage containers - mum used to have some attached to the bottom of a pale yellow cupboard filled with all sorts of unknown ingredients! If you want some street cred with your daughter tell her at least you're not just adoring a pan like on my latest post! Jane x

  10. Your friends have great style and a wonderfully investing home. Yes, that is a very cool sink. I am very intrigued by those canister/contain thingies, aren't they fab?
    It's good to still get excited over stuff, even if the kids don't get it. Especially if the kids don't get it.
    PS. Vadge! Of course! To rhyme with Madge! Or is it vaj? To fail to rhyme with Raj? There's a poem in there somewhere. xxxxx

  11. Investing? I wrote interesting, honest I did. Bloody Ipad, it's got a mind of its own... I also meant container.
    I'm not illiterate, really I'm not. xxx

  12. No, you're quite right, I think that's the best kitchen sink I have ever seen!! :)

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  13. sorry but the sink is demented-far tooo busy...keep it on the continent !!!xx

  14. Said sink is as you said.
    It is a complete stunner.
    Well done on the squirelly win, very cute.
    Lisa x

  15. That sink makes me think of alice in wonderland for some readon?!! It is rad, have never seen one like it!

  16. Ok that is one fabulous 'kitchen sink' wow!!!!!
    Oh I am in love with the wall-paper too.......and the perfect containers in the kitchen.....thank you sweet for showing us this amazing place.
    Love V

  17. What a lovely house and now that is one mad (but cool) sink! xx

  18. Yep, I've got to admit it, that really is the most awesome kitchen sink!

  19. oh yes! i was wondering too, excited about a kitchen sink - Pretty darn cool indeed!

    Tks for dropping by my blog!


  20. Looks like a funky house, and that's an amazing kitchen sink!

  21. Well of course we're interested! I love nothing better than snooping around other people's homes, even virtually and especially if they are full of creativity and quirky details. That IS an amazing kitchen sink. Totally unique. Well worth the build up ;) xxx

  22. oh i love holland and we often buy lovely things there.....but that sink is divine!!!!oh me oh my...i actually gasped a little bit so you did a great build up! Thank you for the lovely mention too....happy that squirrel found such a lovely home x

  23. Hello again
    First things first - I have only just picked myself up from the floor after an attack of the vapours. NO CAKE TIN!!!! What the MAHHOJAH! I say again - NO CAKE TIN.
    You have however made up for it by way of LOVELY SINK! I do like that sink a little too much - I like things that are different. I wish I were Dutch. Is Agfa something to do with cameras (vague recollections perhaps). I wish I had a big moose head.....

    Best wishes
    The CAKE TIN QUEEN.....
    PS: NO CAKE TIN!!!!!
    PPS: Is going to take me a while to get over that one....

  24. Ooh, I can see why you're so taken with that sink! What a great house. Just discovered your blog - love it!

  25. That has to be best and most original kitchen sink I have ever seen.