Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy Holidays

Blimey, Xmas seems a while ago doesn't it? 

Well, I'm back.  Back from my holidays.  Yes, I did say holidays.  Yup, South of France, no less.  Nimes to be exact (in Languedoc-Rousillion close to Provence).

I was obsessed with facades

The crumblier the better.

People often ask how the heck do I manage to go on so many holidays a year.  Well, I'll let you into our little secret:  we try to do them on the cheap.

Oh and the shutters...

....shutters galore

We're lucky that Grandpappy J and P lives in the Lake District AND in Spain so we're in the Lakes twice a year and toddle over to Spain for one week a year.

Signs - I was obsessed with those as well

Lovely signage going on here with a nice table and chair effect

I especially liked faded signs

Lots of faded signs

An old sign

Not so old signs

This year, as well,  we intend to do house swaps with friends in Kent and Norfolk.  That'll be fun and completely FREE to boot!

I like a good knocker  - even when it's a bit rusty

And it's a good job we like camping because what we tend to do is to go on four camping trips in the summer:  three long weekends in this country with three different sets of friends and a week long trip abroad (usually France but we have been to Belgium and Germany).  

Van Gogh lived in Arles for a while.  If you look carefully, you'll see  that this picture is made from leaves, seeds and twigs.  Ingenious n'est pas?

We even took our lightweight tent and camping paraphernalia such as pots and pans, cutlery, plates etc (I kid you not) on our 4 week trip to California the summer before last  and to Slovenia last year.  Oh yes, we're hard core!  It's little wonder that Little Miss J and P  has started to look longingly at 5 star hotels....

A picture of a sign that Little Miss J and P took - it shows an unhealthy interest in  5 star hotels if you ask me.

Of course, all this burbling on about holidays is just a cunning ploy to slip in a few of my holiday pics and bore you all to death.  Ooops!

It's never too early to start thinking about holidays in my opinion.  Haven't got any planned as yet for this year although I'm thinking Berlin (and the lightweight tent - maybe) for my birthday in June.  How about you?  Planning anything for 2012?  I'd love to know.

Happy New Year!  xx


  1. Love your photos - especially the faded signs. I love taking pics of architecture too. Enjoy every minute of your holidays!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. lovely photos, i really am going to try and find the time (and money) for a holiday this year, and france is top of my list :)

  3. Still alive. Not boring at all Loo.
    I love your faded signs and crumbly old buildings...not so keen on camping though, probably one of the reasons we don't have as many holidays as you.
    Too many things happening here at home this year to have any proper holidays apart from a little trip to Melbourne (which I am hanging out for) x

  4. It looks amazing there, I'd love to go. Those signs are fantastic x

  5. I enjoyed the photo's..I just adore the signs and the door knocker. It looks like a lovely place to go and visit.
    This year my parents are coming here to visit for 6 weeks or that will be my holiday time as well :)

  6. Beautiful imagery with the pics and signage.
    I love the Van Gogh, but then again I'm a sucker for Van Gogh regardless.

  7. I enjoyed the photos very much. I have never been to Paris but, the photo of the front of the restaurant with tables and chairs has given me wanderlust. Perhaps a trip needs to be planned.

  8. So envious! i wish i can go for a holiday, been stuck in the same place for almost 4 years now! I love all those faded signs and old buildings and my fave are those shutters and the signage with tables and chairs! don't think my husband is the camping guy, he's not even a DIY guy, more like a nerdy one hahaha so i guess i'll just have to pray that i'll win a lottery to go for a holiday this year! :P

    x susan

  9. Looks like you had a great time. Love the pics. We have one holiday booked this year. We've booked a station master's cottage on the platform of a heritage steam railway. So basically we'll be spending the holiday watching trains and riding on trains. :0/

    Madison xxx

  10. Great pictures! We have no hols planned yet - we have exams/revision to negotiate when making plans this year. Very tedious!

  11. Love those old shutters there gorgeous. I am not going abroad this year as it takes me 2 years to save for one of those. But i am doing a sun holiday this year and maybe going camping to with the boys. Will have to wait and see what the finances are like. Happy new year, dee x

  12. More photo love from me!
    No hols planned as yet, though we hope to go something warm.
    Lisa x

  13. Goodness, you don't let the grass grow under your feet do you? Lovely holiday pics, yours appear to be like mine, lots of doors/shutters/flowers and a few of the kids. In later years people will probably wonder if I actually went to the places I claim, so studiously do I avoid being in the photos!

    We're off to the Lake District this year with virtually my entire family, celebrating my folks' ruby wedding and aunt and uncle's silver anniversary. Apparently Ben and I will let the side down by only having been married 9 years when it happens. We're renting some enormous house, I'm just thinking 'babysitters' and 'pub'.


  14. Lovely photos Loo. I like the faded signs and crumbly buildings too, and I will refrain from making any Carry On jokes about rusty knockers.
    Holidays? No idea. It makes my head hurt to think about the cost!
    Nice to have you back! xxxxx

  15. Love the photos looks like an amzing place :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. Lovely photos. I have a thing for signs too :0)

    As to Miss J and P looking longingly at the five star hotels over good old canvas (although nowadays that costs a small fortune)I would highly recommend the book "The tent, the bucket and me" by Emma Kennedy. I took it on one of our camping trips and could not stop laughing. Very childish, very very funny ! xx

  17. Actually, not knowing your daughters age you might want to read it first yourself as there is one wudeee snippet x

  18. Love your photos... I'm a compete Francophile and am hoping to get back out there again this year... my sis has a house out there in my absolute favourite region

  19. A change truly is as good as a rest isn't it? Totally swoon worthy signage, especially the Nadal restaurant, perfect shade of green.

  20. I love all the photos you took. It looks absolutely lovely there.

  21. Fabby fab photos...mmmm.... I love France. Those piccies are just like a little town we stayed in for 5 months, back in 2008, also in the Languedoc, called Poujol Sur Orb. Near Bedarieux. We talk about going back - one day we will.

    Wonderful old signs.

  22. Happy New Year, I love the photos of the signs, especially the faded ones.

    We're hoping to go abroad with L for the first time this year, he was 4 at the end of Nov so hopefully he should be ok with flying :) x

  23. Gorgeous loo, I love old france stuff. We have to be out of the house for 4-6 weeks sometime soon to have earthquake repairs done and our insurance company said we can rent accomodation any where in NZ on them whilst the works being done. Thinking Nelson (sun, beaches, wineries, potteries) or Coromandel, ditto). Great news as we cant afford a holiday otherwise this year. Until we go I'll have to live holidays vicariously thru you so please post often x

  24. It's lovely to have you back:o)
    Happy New Year to you all at the J & P House!

    Love your photos, the shutters are divine! I can see what you saw in all of them though.
    Have a great weekend my dear, and take care.
    Love Donna xx

  25. Wonderful pictures, Loo. We've been planning a trip to France for ages, Jon's uncle has just finished restoring a property in the Limousin and with photos like those I feel like going over right away, xxx

  26. Happy new year and I didnt know about your sneaky holiday - how fabulous! Great pictures too. Ive no holiday planned as taking an 18 month old on a plane fills me with terror. Scarlett x

  27. Amazing pictures amor!
    I been wanting to go to France waiting on my sis to get England. I am planning to go back too California and stay a little longer this time.
    Happy Travelin New Year!

  28. I entirely agree - plan on.

    we want to take to the mountains in italy and frolic with the goats high up in the peaks.....freedommmmmmm

    xxxx HNY!!

  29. I love reading about people's travels! Thank you for sharing your trip to France, it looks beautiful. Em x