Friday, 21 October 2011

Pets, pooches and pots

Yet another pet has popped its clogs here at J and P towers this week.  Blimey, folks, the allotment will start resembling a pet graveyard at this rate!  Olly the hamster was laid to rest alongside Sooty the guinea pig by the raspberry bush yesterday *sad face*.

Anyway, enough about our dead pets.  I thought I'd show you two of my purchases from last week's jumble sale (don't worry, I'll be showing you all my purchases in every intimate detail  in a forthcoming post).

Now, the pooch ( a fox terrier, I think) is rather adorable but his leg had been glued together badly as you can see here:

But at 10p, I thought "What the heck..." and he came home with me.

Whereupon, I had a brainwave.  I got a piece of ribbon and glued it round the offending badly glued bit (sorry my vocabulary is not its best today) and look at him now:

Mr J and P thinks he looks "a bit bizarre" but what does he know!   What do you think?  Does it look a bit bonkers?

This casserole dish cost me a quid.

Embellished with a marrow decoration

It's Poole pottery and a range called "Lucullus" launched in 1962.  I was going to give this to a friend of mine but I like it too much and am going to keep it (even though I don't need another casserole dish).  Mind you, I was very good and stuck to my "one-in-one-out policy.  In fact, I bettered it by getting rid of three bowls and one plate.

Or so I thought.  I've just discovered that  Mr J and P has snuck back into the cupboard  his chipped childhood melanine bowl with a very faded piccy of Mickey Mouse!

Darn, thought I'd get away with that one!

Have you ever tried to disappear your beloved's belongings without them noticing?  Of course you have!  Come on, spill the beans....


  1. So sorry to hear of the demise of your furry friends :0(
    Love the little dog,he looks cute with his ribbon 'bandage'.
    Some of my OH's belongings have been banished to the loft!
    Hope you have a lovely holiday. :0)

  2. sorry to hear about your pet. love the fox terrier he is a cute little chappie
    and yes I have tried to disappear a lot of mr Ms stuff but got sick of him winging the house looked like a granny's so I stuffed it all back in the lounge and left the room for him to do needless to say it looks c**p now and he'll soon be wanting me to add my touch to it again (smug laugh)
    xx fee

  3. Oh I'm very sorry about Olly!! Poor little man :-( It's never fun amassing a pet graveyard! :-S

    On the up side your terrier is absolutely fantastic and I'd have brought him home with me too!

    Jem xXx

  4. RIP furry friends.
    I do like that snooty looking dog, his bandage is supremely stylish, too.
    I thought your Lucullus platter was Conran's Salad Ware, it looks very similar. I love it, what a fab find.
    Jon's got a one-eyed dog pyjama case he's had since he was a baby, I've tried to loose it but he keeps sticking it back on the bed. x

  5. Sorry to hear about another pet passing. The dog does look odd, but in a very fashionable way, he's wearing the latest Scandi Chic colours!!

    Hubby had the most hideous ORANGE joggy bottoms, they were disgusting, I didn't care they were comfy, in the bin they went, honestly I couldn't even inflict the horror on the charity shops. But the sneaky bugger got them out and hid them somewhere in the loft, but now can't find them hahaha, so I still win!! When will they learn, we really do know best!

  6. ahh that dog looks much bettwer with the bow- in fact i think all dogs should have a bow leg!

  7. Not sure you are giving enough pomp and ceremony to the loss of a dearly departed pet - i assume you are in black and all veiled up?! lol!

    I love that doggie - doesn't he look fab with his trendy plaster!

  8. Poor wee hamster! the broken dog looks quite cool, like he's got a prize ribbon or something. I agree all women have offed their partners' belongings of the most hideous kind...lucky men aren't allowed to do it back, isn't it?!

  9. Poor Olly. :( The bow looks cute on the dog - great idea. Love the base colour of you new dish, I wouldn't be able to give that one awy either! Sherry :)

  10. Poor little hammy! I like the terrier and I bet he's chuffed to have the gingham embellishment rather than glue-y muck! The Poole pottery is gorgeous too - I'd definitely keep it too!x

  11. RIP Olly.
    Love the dog and his bow and the casserole dish.
    I just wish I could get rid of the "junk"!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  12. I think the little terrier looks lovely with his ribbon. A vast improvement on the glued look and at 10p who can complain :) I am always getting in trouble from throwing out the OH's things - I accidently chucked his phone sim card out once that was in a drawer while his phone was being repaired. He lost all his contacts! Oops! x

  13. I am sorry to hear about the loss of you little hamster Olly.
    I really like your fox terrier with his cute bow (and for .10p..who could resist!). I think he looks very handsome indeed!
    I try and keep most of my hubby's junk..I mean stuff..confined in his computer room :P He is a bit of a computer bit hoarder.

  14. Sorry to hear about Olly.
    But on a lighter note, your dog looks great with that little bow, it gives it a nice little touch of quirkyness. And that tureen is great, what a super find.

  15. I'm sorry ot hear about poor Olly. I think your dog looks fab with his bow, he looks very proud of himself! I haven't tried to sneak out any of my significant others belongings as we have really similar taste. I do however try to lay claim to them and convince him they're mine!!! Does that count? He did recently try to throw out a singing goat I bought him when we were first together (don't judge me, I was in the first flush of love and thought a singing goat was funny) but I managed to rescue it and put it back on the shelf. Em xx

  16. Anth and I have been having the biggest arguments about what to flog at our GS...I say get rid of it all and he keeps ummming and ahhing. Unfortunately I can't be sneaky because he'll be there.

    I love the Poole casserole, the old me would've kept it too. Not the boring new me though, I'm all about declutter, declutter, DECLUTTER!

    I think the doggy looks great wearing his checked ribbon bandage, good idea Loo. Nothing bizarre about it.

  17. Thats no fox terrier well not an aussie one anyway lol I think its a terrier tho maybe a Airdale Terrier? anyway that is some good bling on his leg I say.

  18. My husband once thought I'd thrown away all his school certificates. He was in quite a tizz. When they turned up eventually, I made him grovel for years!!!

    That's not what you were asking for, I know, but thought I needed to share anyway!!


  19. Could you hide the dog among a load of other bits so you can't see his break?
    When we got married, I went through my husband's stuff and made a (big) pile of what I thought should go. Then I mixed in three or four ok things. Sure enough, my evil plan worked; he fished out the stuff I didn't mind and only one or two ghastly things and happily said goodbye to the rest. After 15 years he is thoroughly trained!

  20. Love the doggy so cute with his new gingham bow :) great idea.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  21. I'm not doing too well at the throwing away challenge at the moment. Don't we all have too many casserole dishes? Dog looks brilliant with his new decoration but the best picture of your post is the melamine plate. Ahhh! Mr. J and P - what a softie.
    Love from Mum

  22. aaww im so sorry to hear about the hamster. But im loving your new cassorle dish thats a beauty. dee xx

  23. Sorry about your pets, guinea pigs/hamsters are so that Poole pottery dish for dip.
    that doggy looks quite cute,luckyl Budd threw away his old ass daisy dukes,lol

  24. What does Mr J and P know? He is a man!! Your dog looks great - made me smile :)

    My mum tried to get rid of my son's faded plastic winnie the pooh glass when he was 20 - he has not let her forget that! she still has it in her glass cabinet at her house now for when he visits... he still uses it even though he is almost 25, bless his little socks

  25. A sad farewell to Olly...
    But on the positive side, you've done a grand job with the gingham bandage on your doggie's injured leg, I think he looks rather jaunty!
    And I love your casserole with its phallic marrows. Oh, that's just me, is it?
    I'll get me coat...
    Have a good weekend!
    Oh, and there are many items of my Other Half's I would gladly bin but would be beyond furious if he did it to me, so I restrain myself. Honest! xx

  26. Sorry to hear about the hamster.

    Love what you've done with the doggie ornament, but I have to say the casserole dish is a winner for me. Brilliant buy!

  27. Love your little terrier, I agree with Nelly, it looks like an Airdale, and he is super cute. 10 p, that is insane, we can't buy anything that cheap her is Australia. That is was I loved about your carboots, great fro treasure hunting.

    Rest in peace poor little Olly.

    Tam x

  28. Poor little hamster.
    The ribbon makes the doggy looks like he's won a best in show, you should keep it!
    Lisa x

  29. What a brilliant idea, I am regularly knocking heads and legs of ornaments although not sure if Gs vintage popeye will look quite so cute with a ribbon ties round his pipe? G if you read this it wasn't me it was Daisy honest hehe

  30. Hmm, I may have ditched a hideous pyjama top that the Mr used to wear as a T-shirt. He thanks me for it now...

    Sorry about the loss of another pet, I'm holding out on the little animals thing, too upsetting when they go.

    The bow is quite bonkers yes, but that's no bad thing. Would it be too prosaic to suggest merely displaying him facing the other way round? Or is that too obvious?

  31. Lovely dish, I was admiring one of them in a charity shop but they had in the "vintage" section for £15 which I wasn't going to pay. A quid is a bargain. x

  32. When I saw your dog's badly glued leg I thought, "I'd put a ribbon around that" - and the next thing I saw you'd done exactly that! So no, not bizarre at all. He looks quite splendid.

    And really, if you could see our loft, and all the many, many, MANY things my husband refuses to part with (so much of it, I fear the loft will bring the house down one day) you'd thank your lucky stars you don't live here. :)

  33. Oh no sorry to hear you've lost another pet. Really sad. x

  34. am sorry for what happened to your pets... i, too, have pets of my own and i know the feeling of loosing them... hope you are okay now..
    your collections are really a true beauty!!! so like them!!! enjoyed your blog..following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!


  35. R.I.P to your pets! i think it's a great idea to put a cute ribbon on the terrier's leg, he's so adorable! i must say the casserole dish looks so unique! i've been trying to get rid some of hubby's personal and loved belongings with no success..he's still too attached to them though it's hard to find space to put them other than in a box under the bed or inside a cupboard :)


  36. I'm so sorry about all the dead pets specially because pets are an extension of our families.
    In a happier note; I think the terrier is nicely accessorize and the casserole dish eggplants design is quite lovely and I would keep it for myself as well.

  37. A man and his melamine plate should never be parted, the fashion concious pooch with the ribbon garter.

    A fond farewell to Olly the hamster, hope you gave him a jolly good sendoff. x

  38. Aww im sorry about another furry buddy passing away :o( I love what you did with the ribbon on the terrier, looks very cute. Scarlett x

  39. I think the bow looks cute.

    Husband usually has OK taste in clothes but, like all of us, makes mistakes. These things usually live in the bottom of the washbasket for a looooong time until I eventually throw them out. xx

  40. Be good for the roses all that blood and bone!
    Nice platter BTW, proably worth a mint if Poole and nice mid-century looking x

  41. Ahh you gave your Dr Martens to charity. Whoever purchased them is a very lucky person indeed hehe! x