Thursday, 11 August 2011

Holiday Shenanigans

Hello dear readers.  

I've decided not  to rant on about the hideous goings-on perpertrated by morons up and down the country.  Many bloggers have posted about this far more eloquently than I ever could.

So, er hem, where was I?  Oh yes, I'm going to bore you into submission, instead, with a few pics from our holidays near Aachen, Germany and Namur, Belgium.

An interesting objet d'art:

We visited Maastricht in Holland for a day and this is Mr J and P posing outside a house in which he squatted for 9 months back in days gone by:

Look at the aged rebel in his battered straw hat & Hawaiian shirt.  Doesn't he cut a dash?

A bit of grafitti art:

We visited a brewery and this is what we drank:

Dinant is a very pretty town on the banks of the Meuse:

A view from the citadel

It's famed for its biscuits.

Moulded into various shapes and sizes, these are the "hardest" biscuits in Europe.  Let me tell you,dear readers, these cookies do not readily crumble.

We bought one of a man in an aeroplane and here is a piccy of Little Miss and her cousin just before we attempted to sink our teeth into it.

It was rock hard and completely tasteless plus it cost a whopping 7 euros (yes, that's nearly 7 of your good pounds)!  We was robbed I tell you.  Back in the olden days, neighbourly disputes were settled by the protagonists throwing these biscuits at each other to inflict maximum pain.  According to Mr J and P, the winner was declared a jammy dodger after over-crumbing the opposition......  Sorry, dear readers, he's not the full packet today.........OK, I'll stop these terrible biscuit puns immediately.

An interesting "shop", selling kinky boots, perhaps, or in Mr J and P's blunt words - "a sado-masochist house of ill repute".  Yikes!

And on that note, dear readers, I have to dash, I'm hobnobbing with some of the mums from school tonight (geddit????  hobnob?).  OK, I'm going now.....  Bye bye xx


  1. My husband and I stayed in Dinant last December, for 2 days. We actually stopped there as it was snowing so hard that we couldn't continue our journey - we literally slid down the icy hill into town- it was terrifying.

    But, it is a lovely town and it wasn't a hardship, spending 2 days stuck there.

    We were just looking at your photo exclaiming over it. :)

  2. I hope you've got some more biscuit puns lined up for your friends! A very entertaining post, I may have nightmares about the clown tonight though! Crumbs...

  3. Your lucky you were away, that clown is hilarious amor.
    Biscuits are enormous, i do love a good biscuit.
    Poor kids suffering to eat hard biscuit.
    Oooo boots shop.

  4. The clown is freaky! I did chuckle over the buscuit - 7 euro though yikes! And you just cant beat a good old kinky boot shop ;o) Scarlett x

  5. This post realy takes the biscuit! har har. Seriously tho, I bet those biccies are brilliant for dunking, no accidental belly flops into your tea which I hate x

  6. What a lovely time you had. love the rebel pic and made me think what he was up to a few years ago. hope your having a dunking good time now!xx

  7. There is nothing worse than a £7 biscuit that tastes of nothing. They should at least have flavour!

  8. Great city and I would love to try those hardest biscuits in Europe sometime.
    Love the citadel photo and the art photos!
    Loo back in my July 30th post I "tag" you an award. Please check it out.

  9. Your aged rebel is v cute Loo...not looking terribly rebelious these days though I have to say...that aeroplane biccie is enormous! I agree with Max's comment about them being good for tea dunking: there's nothing worse than a sloppy mess at the bottom of your tea cup!
    I'm glad you had a nice holiday...when's the next one? don't leave it too long now...x

  10. hahahaha about the story of the biscuit! that's soo funny and though they look adorable, i dont think i would want to buy it for 7 euros and as u said it's hard rock and tasteless too? no thank you hehehe...looking good with the straw head and hawaiian shirt mr J&P! hehehe and err..that is abit dodgy looking house with weird boots isnt it? hehehe the clown ballerina is so funny in a weird way but loving the view from the citadel! thanks for sharing! x susan

  11. Would have to dunk those biccies in my tea - would be terrified of breaking a tooth! Good post!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Great post, love the photos, can't beleive the size of that biscuit!! Mr Happy would have a go I think but me thinks it wouldn't fit into his cup of tea for a dunkin!! lol

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  13. That is a seriously BIG biscuit!

  14. Mr J and P squatting for nine months?? I see there's a lot we have to learn about this mysterious man.....

    Hope you have a fantastic hobnobbing time!! ;-)


  15. Mr J&P looks marvelous, did anyone recognise him from his rebellious youth?
    What a shame about those biscuits because they look fab. I love that dodgy looking place with the boots. x

  16. What a huge biscuit! Shame it was so tasteless and expensive!
    Lisa x

  17. Nice pics, shame about the disappointing biscuit.
    Am I alone in finding the kinky boots a little incongruous in the window of the lovely, old-fashioned, lace-curtained shop?

  18. I'd like to visit that house of ill repute and snaffle those boots! xxx

  19. looks like that biscuit needs a good dunking in a hot cuppa either that or framing and looking at for eternity as it cost so much .
    looks like you had a wonderful trip
    xx fee

  20. For seven quid you should have had the best tasting biscuit ever! You'd need a whopping cuppa to dunk that biccy.

  21. Oooh, now I don't like that ballerina clown, scary!!

    I thought those biscuits were wood carvings and from your description maybe they would be better off being sold as such!!

    Thanks for stopping by at mine!!

    S x

  22. That large biscuit looks a bit of a torture! Maybe they are secretly meant to be dunked in tea or coffee??

  23. I rather like some of those boots! Dunno quite what that says about me!

    Those biscuits look amazing. Did they taste of anything at all or were they only fit for dunking?

  24. I have just found your blog and am so glad I did:)
    I love those biscuits-they're awesome!!

  25. That clown ballerina is the stuff of nightmares! What drugs was the artist on when he thought that one up?!

    Madison xxx

  26. what an interesting place that looks! Glad you had a good time

    BH x

    PS - thanks for the kind comment you left for me on my 'return' post, meant a lot! Thanks x

  27. Ah the old squat house. I recently Google earthed the house and street I used to squat in when I lived in London. Oh dear! Gone was the cool, the grime, the living on the edge! It had all gentrified and got very expensive. There is an aged rebel in all of us.

  28. Ha I quite like the idea of resolving issues by throwing biscuits at each other, were it not for the blatant biscuit-wastage! x