Wednesday, 27 July 2011

No strings attached

It was Mr J and P's birthday recently.  Imagine his bemused and bewildered happy, smiling, little face when he opened his pressies to reveal these:

Cute huh?

I can sense you're wondering what the devil they are.

String holders no less!

Fabulous aren't they?  They are wall mountable and they have a  handy loopy thing at the side where you can store your scissors.    I know what you're thinking:  cute, vintage and *er hem* useful all at the same time.  What could be better?

The dog string holder is by Arthur Wood and dates from the 60s.  The cat string holder was made by Howard Holt in 1958 - very fitting as it was the year that a little Mr J and P popped into the world.

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all of you who commiserated with me over the hard disk drive debacle that I bored you all with in my previous post.  I didn't think anything could be done about the drive but lots of you encouraged me to seek further advice, and I'm currently badgering the resident computer geek at the university I work for.  Fingers crossed.....

We're off on holiday next week.  Camping in Aachen (Germany) and Namur (Belgium).  V excited.

On a final note, the latest event to rock J and P Towers (almost literally) is that the next door neighbour's builder has knocked a hole in our kitchen wall!

Yes, that is daylight you can see - top left.


Heavens to Betsy (must use that phrase more often), whatever next!


  1. Hope the builders are going to fix the hole!
    Love the string holders. Mum had the cat one, think I still have it somewhere!
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I love those little string holders.

    Can you let me have the name of the builder ... just so that I know never to use him!!!

    Have a fab holiday. M x

  3. Oh my goodness! Were you expecting any knocking-through? I guess that's one way to a bigger house!!! You could definetely make a case for their insurance to pay for any redecoration in the kitchen, I reckon.

    And a very happy birthday to Mr J and P!


  4. Those string holders are utterly fab!! And so practical too!!

    Hope you have a wonderful time camping - the weather is meant to be fantastic on the continent for the next fortnight according to my Dad who is heading out that way shortly :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. I can't believe it, I have a money box cat identical to the string holder. I had it as a baby!
    That hole's a worry just before your hols, what clumsy idiots.
    Have a fab holiday and I hope the geek gets your pictures sorted. x

  6. After your comment on my string holder the other week I knew what they were in an instant! Hope Mr JP was suitably thrilled!
    Have a fab hols and hope that hole gets sorted v soon.
    Lisa x

  7. Blast from the past with the string holders, my nan and mum both used to have one hanging in the kitchen - not as kitsch as your one though! I cant believe a builder knocked a hole in your wall!!! Hope he gets it sorted pronto for you - blooming cheek! Scarlett x

  8. Cannot believe the hole in the wall, how on earth did they manage that, and just before you go on holiday, not what you need.

    Enjoy your camping though, it sounds amazing xxx

  9. That string holder is so retro and I want one! But it's not my birthday quite yet. Re the next door builder - check out The Party Wall Notice. And enjoy your holiday!

  10. I love the string holders they are fab!

    Have fun camping :) x

  11. Happy Belated birthday to Mr J&P! what a cute, vintage (stolen from ur words) dog and cat string holder! and it's useful too! loving them! oh my goodness i saw a hole in the wall! i hope ur neighbor fix that soon and it has to be as it was! but anyway have a great camping holiday! x susan

  12. Awesome phrase! Have a great holiday!

  13. I'm not sure I would want to go on holiday with builders like that next door :( anyway.... Happy Holidays :)
    Sue Xxx

  14. Oh my word, what an idiot the builder must be! Hope they're going to make good the damage or pay for it.

    I've never seen a string holder before but I'm very taken with them. Scissor holders as well - how very organised.

  15. Where they a present for the Mr or the Mrs, Loo? Tell the truth now...they're gorgeously cute whomever the're (really) for. Maybe you could hang one over that hole in the wall???
    Have a(nother) wonderful holiday and I hope Mr J&P had a happy birthday x

  16. Oh dear how the flipping ada did the builder manage that?
    Happy Birthday to Mr J and P and I hope he liked his string holders.
    Have a fab holiday.

  17. Oh no that hole lol what a shock were you home.Big oopsy by someone there.
    I love those string holders very much.
    Have a great holiday and glad you are stioll working on getting your pics back xx

  18. Oh the wool holders are so cute! What are they made from, I wonder??
    Can't believe they've put a hole in your wall just when you're about to go away-madness! Have a great trip and take lots of photos for us.xx.

  19. Those are not so professional builders, it looks like they need some more schooling!
    I never knew anything about a string holder so thanks for introducing them to me and I hope you have lots of fun on your holiday in Germany and Belgium. And that you bring back lots of photos to share with us.

  20. You're going to a lovely area for your holiday - you will have a good time there. Oooh Belgian waffles...and those beef-dripping fried chips. Nobody makes chips like les belges.

    As for the hole on the wall, blimey. That's a bit of a miscalculation, I'd say. Builder must be feeling a bit embarrassed.

    I like your string holders - very different sort of gift for a chap - but very cool indeed.

  21. I love that phrase 'heavens to Betsy'! oo i am going to use it now. I hope you get that wall fixed, bet it made you jump! The string holders fab. xx

  22. love the cheeky face on that cat string holder, how utterly random but also fab- where did you find them?!

    and how annoying about the builders!

  23. OMG stupid man builder i mean of all the things to do..hope you get if fixed soon. I love those holders so cute i have never seen those before they are great fun ;-)) Have a lovely holiday, dee x

  24. Rotten builders, fab stringy-thingys. Have a wonderful holiday xx

  25. Excellent string holders - what man WOULDN'T want to see them every day? And that hole in the wall gives you a get out of jail free card with the neighbours for several years I'd have thought - Kids being noisy? Ah yes, but you knocked a hole in our kitchen wall. Overhanging tree? Yes, but...

  26. Love the string holders - fabulous! I can't imagine how shocked you were at the hole appearing in your wall - idiot builder! Hope you can smile about it though, have a great holiday x

  27. Lovely string holders! I assume builder is going to fix that. How on earth did they manage that!??

    Have fun camping.

  28. I so love that you gave your husband such a gorgeous present!

  29. The string holders are such an original gift for your husband, bet he was pleased.

    Hope you had a fun camping holiday and it didn't rain too much.

    lily x

  30. Omg those string holders are so great!