Friday, 15 October 2010

Putting my foot in it (and then everywhere else)

Yesterday was rather a mixed day. 

I decided to spray my skip find - red.  Here is the "before" picture:

All well and good you'd think.  Not so, dear readers.  In between bouts of spraying, I spent much of my time wiping red footprints off the kitchen floor.  Note to self, must put down more newspaper when spraying (and must stop being so clumsy - I ruined two pairs of perfectly decent socks in the process). 

When I wasn't wiping down the kitchen floor, I was busy stepping in horse manure (thank you Mr J and P for that), walking it up the stairs and into virtually every room in the house and then wondering what the horrid smell was and then when I realised, scrubbing the stairs and mopping every room in the house - grrrrrrr.

Blimey, I was knackered after all that.  Anyway, enough of that do you want to see the hangity hang shelfy thingy in all its red glory?  Here it is:

Earlier in the week I discovered that I'd WON a giveway by the lovely Pene on Scrap my Mid Life Crisis.  Wanna see?

Lovely aren't they?  Thank you Pene so much.  Unfortunately, Little Miss J and P has comandeered both the love hearts and the doggie - boo hoo.

The rather wonderful Sarah at Modern Country Style has tagged me, so here, folks are my answers to the following questions:

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A Postman.

What do you like most about where you live?

We're close to Epping Forest and not too far from London Town - so best of both worlds really.

If you could only rescue three things from your house what would they be?

I'm struggling with this one.  OK, the external hard drive with rather a lot of photos on it, my ipod touch and a photo of my mum and dad.

What's your favourite book?

Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy.  At around 1400 pages, I felt very sad when I'd finished it - it was like I'd lost an old friend.  Excellent book.

What's your favourite room in your house?

Probably the bedroom - I love going to bed early and snuggling in my bed either reading my book or reading blogs on my ipod touch!  In fact, sometimes Mr J and P and I sit there side by side in bed playing with our devices (I bet you wondered what I was going to say then) - we' re soooo the modern couple!!

What's your favourite joke?

I never remember jokes - so I haven't got a favourite but this one's quite funny methinks:

What's the difference between a kangaroo and a kangaroot?  A kangaroo is a marsupial and a kangaroot is a Geordie stuck in a lift.
OR, if you don't know what a Geordie is (a person from the north east of England with a lovely accent):  What's yellow and hides in Afghanistan?  The Talibanana.

What would you most like to change about your house?

Well, it's the garden I would most like to change.  I'd prefer a much bigger one!

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I've never fallen in love at first sight but Mr J and P has - and it was with me!!!  So, yes, I believe it does happen!

OK folks, the rules say I have to tag 4 lovely peeps.  Here they are:

Angela at Bounty Huntress

Nic at Woodbank Crafts

Jo at Hesta Nesta

Twiggy at The World of TwiggyPeasticks

It's totally up to you guys if you want to take part (you don't have to if you don't want to) and you can make up your own questions to pass on.  I'm sticking with these questions as my brain has come to a complete stand still today........
Have a good weekend one and all.


  1. Congratulations on your giveaway, lovely items, especially the Scottie Dog. My bedroom is my favourite spot at the moment too: I recently bought a new duvet, its lovely and soft and warm and makes it incredibly difficult for me to get out of lol!

    Shirl x

  2. Love the bathroom holder - I would never have thought to spray it red and it looks fab!! Love the things about you. When I was little, I thought being a stripper sounded good (I love the music! and I could take my clothes off and I'd heard it was well paid!) or a nun (the sound of music was just out!) I should have combined the two!!!

  3. Love the Geordie joke! Just my sort of humour :). Great to find out more about you, will have a think about the questions and answer them over the weekend.

    Love the red thingy too ;) x

  4. Doesn't it look lovely? Such a gorgeous shade of bright red :)

  5. Lovely job! A Suitable Boy is one of my all time best ever reads, it's glorious. xxx

  6. Brilliant job! Shame about the manure - pooeee~!

  7. Oh I love the red thingumybob! What did you spray it with? Lots of love, Amanda xxxx

  8. Love the red shelf - sorry about your socks! and your stairs! Youve scored a lovely prize there too, lucky girl! Have a fab weekend!

  9. The red is fabulous! Really gives it a lift.
    I have a yearning desire to paint everything with black chalkboard paint at the moment. I have resisted, but I can see the day I go completely beserk!
    Looking at your previous posts, I too collect trays. I have not idea why. I don't use them, but I love 'em. The floral ones are great.

  10. Love the red! Thanks for the tag! I'm on my way out of town. Will try to get to the ?s next week. Cheerio!

  11. I love the red, it really brings it to life!
    Congratulations on winning the giveaway too, the scottie dog is adorable! x

  12. It's great and really interesting to read more about you.
    I love the red shelves, you can't beat a bit of red to brighten things up.
    I hope the smell has gone. Have a great weekend.

  13. Oh dear! What a mess you got yourself into, still the shelf does look great red.

    Nice giveaway win. lucky you.

  14. Hello I am new to your blog, popped over from Flora & Purl. Love your shelf, inspired by spray painting it in such a delicious shade of red! Lou x

  15. Loo if you pop over to my blog you'll see you've won my giveaway! xx

  16. Hi Loo
    Had great fun answering your questions :) Thank you for tagging me. I have passed the questions on to four others. Loving the Scottie dog.
    Jo xx

  17. Great paint job! The little Scottie dog looks great too! :) x

  18. great answers I'm going to share those jokes with my family (if I remember them)and how wonderful to win those lovely things lucky you and for finding the hangity hang shelfy thingy it looks really good in red
    xx fee

  19. Your hangy thing looks so fab in red.
    Lisa x

  20. The shelves look great in red!
    Sorry to hear about the ruined socks an horse manure...
    Although it did got me in stitches... Sorry!Lol


  21. Hi,
    I am new to your blog, so glad I found it. Ilove what you did to the shelf, would look rather good in my kitchen, will have to look out for one!!
    A great give away you won too, looking forward to reading more
    Andrea x

  22. Hi Loo,

    It looks great. I LOVE a bit of red. It somehow mangaes to be homely and stylish at the same time - a good thing in my book!

    Your Kangaroo joke made me, not only laugh out load, but laugh LOUDLY out loud. My children wondered what was up!!

    Very funny - I shall be sharing that one with everyone I know!!

    Also loved the Talibanana one!

    You are one funny chickadee.


  23. Ha ha ha your a great story teller i laughed out loud reading this post at the start the bathroom shelf looks fab . And your story in your previous post about leaving your bag in the bus and jumping onto the back of a moped just so funny i could picture it all. Thank you so very much for your lovely sweet comment on my blog.Take care Dee ;-))