Friday, 9 December 2011

Weird Wings

I was feeling a little smug yesterday.  A bit like one of those supermummies, who, at 8.30 pm on Thursday, when their darling daughter announces that they are dressing up as a fairy at school the next day on some dressy-uppy-day-thingy and they need some wings to complement their outfit and the suppermummy calmly replies "Yes, of course, darling, I'll just whip you up a pair of wings.  Won't take a few minutes..."

Except, that scenario didn't quite happen.  When confronted by this demand at ridiculous o'clock last night, my reaction was "No way, Jose".  After several minutes of whingeing and whining on Little Miss J and P's part,  I thought I had a brainwave.  I plucked the purple feathery wings decoration from the Xmas wreath (I'll be telling you all about the wreath debacle in another post, don't you worry) and attempted to attach them to Little Miss J and P's hoodie.  

Unfortunately the wings were not for attaching.

So, then I had another brainwave.  I found some white felt and white feather trimming languishing in the sewing box.  (No wonder, the feather trimming was languishing, the bloody thing moulted all over the place while I was fiddling with it - v. annoying).

Using the purple feather wings as a template, I drew the outline onto the white felt, cut it out, sewed (yes, sewed) the feathery trim onto the felt and, lo and behold:

A set of feathery wings which I rustled up in MINUTES.

I attached them to Little Miss J and P's hoodie with safety pins.

Here's hoping there are no safety pin mishaps today at school!

So, yes, I was feeling smugly supermummyish until I overheard Little Miss J and P, this morning, say to her little friend over the phone "Yeah, and my mum made me this set of weird wings."  The cheek of the child!

"Weird wings" indeed!

Disgruntled of Blogland. xx


  1. Wierd or not they look great!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Kids! So bloody ungrateful!
    I've been having trials and tribulations with my son's donkey ears - they won't stand up. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
    Little Miss J&P looks happy enough with her wings in the pic, I'm sure they'll do just fine!
    Well done Supermummy! Award yourself a big old glass of wine for your efforts! xxxxxxxx

  3. I remember doing this to my mum last minute. Like you she managed to pull something out of the thin air just in time. Cheeky girl there not weird at all you did a great job.

  4. Haha @ wierd wings comment. I think you did an amazing job Loo - defo supermum award for you this christmas. Im dreading this whole dressing up for school thing when my boy gets to school age (better learn the art of costume making now!). Scarlett x

  5. it's not weird at all! it's so cuteee and well done for being creative and used things u already have! it's just too cute and she's adorable too!

    x susan

  6. She looks so pretty and you are a super-mama!
    After that marathon of work and stress the results were very creative and cute.
    Have a restful weekend,

  7. Well done super Mum, and the wings look rather fab I think.
    Jo xx

  8. I think they are ace, I'd wear them in a flash! What a brilliant mum you are.
    Kids, huh? x

  9. They look great - just remind her of this story when she's a parent herself and facing a last minutes demand for something special for school the next day ;)

  10. That's the funniest story. Don't you just love the last minute mayhem. We need a dress-up kit as big as Nelly's!

    Little Miss J and the wings look super cute!

  11. How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child! (Coo, haven't done King Lear since A level, it's all up there though *taps*)

    I think she looks great, well done, I dread costume making. I was so glad our school didn't have to do 'Victorian Day' like my poor mate. Mind you, she did a grand job with some shower hats as mob-caps.

  12. Brilliant, top Mum! Weird indeed, tut!
    You're a trouper, I love it when they spring something on you!
    Kandi x

  13. I think they look very sweet, I like their littleness and the way she's wearing them pinned to her hoodie. A nod to fairies and dressing-up without going crazy, little Miss J and P will be the cool fairy x

  14. LOL!!! But not, at the same time...if you get me! I have all this yet to (NOT) look forward to...

  15. That brings back memories, I can not count the number of times I asked my Mom to whip up something that I needed last minute for school :P
    I think those wings are great!

  16. Hilarious! And they look sooooo sweet to, just like she has just grown them x

  17. Hee hee, your daughter is really funny. I think you pulled it off well! Sherry :)

  18. Oh geez that was too funny! How cute ate those wings?!
    Love it!
    Lina @fancy frugal life

  19. That is the cutest, I want wings now.
    Your daughter is so adorabley pretty.